Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Clarisonic Mia "Hope is Beautiful"

Today, I visited my cousin Julia, who I absolutely adore. Such a lovely person and her dog, Ebby, is one of my dogs best friends. :-)

We spent New Years Eve together and I told her about my Clarisonic Mia. She was quite interested in it, cause she regularly has troubles with her skin and after she tried mine she was won over by it. *gg*

So we ordered it on Yeah, you now can order it on!!! How unfair.. *g* I had to literally sent a friend money, she then bought it at a Sephora in the US and shipped it to me. The only thing one needs is a credit card.

She was extremely lucky, cause at the moment one can get a special edition called "Hope is beautiful". Sooo pretty and for a good cause!

In contrast to the others this LE Mia has a shiny surface. :-)

No flash:

Usual charger.

I envy her.. I wish my Mia would be so beautiful, but as long as it works I won't need a new one.

Thought you might wanna see how it looks and that one can order it from Austria now. :-) She paid with shipping about 120€, which is definitely a good price for this item.


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