Monday, 24 January 2011


Look what I found in a magazine..

I thought Bipa copied it from Illamasquas new Throb collection, but..

..apparently this Bipa look was created months ago. So no stealing.. *g* Thanks to Lilly who corrected me. :-)



Lilly said...

both of the looks were created months or even a year ago, so I don't think that BIPA stole anything from illamasqua. it's just a coincidence. things like that happen a lot in the cosmetic industry, brands develop artistic content and some of this content is similar.
just my 2 cents ;-)

Guinevere said...

Oh well, then I obviously was wrong with my assumption lol
I know that a lot of stuff happens at the same time, just think of mac and illamasqua and their new liquid eye liners *gg*
Gonna correct it right away :-)