Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Powder Box Online Store!!!!

Hey guys!!

You so gonna love this. *gg*

Do you remember when I asked you about your wishes for an online store, well the store is finished!! :-)

Unfortunately, I know it's a bit sad, they only sell OPI right now, buuuuut and that's an amazing but, they sell everything from OPI!!! Accessoires, gifts, lotions, creams,...

It's soooooooo amazing, let's show you some pics:

The store looks very friendly, that's the front page:

They sell gift sets, I've never seen something like that before!!

Feet products!! Did you know OPI sells them?? I didn't..

Pampering products :-)

My favorite part!! OPI's creams and scrubs, I was able to test them once when I got my refill and they are divine!! I absolutely adore the Espresso ones and I don't even like coffee, but the smell is amazing.

And last but not least, the nail polishes!! They also sell older collections. :-) One polish is 10,50€, so much cheaper than at Bipa, Douglas or Topsi, and far more variety.

Isn't it pretty?

Some additional info:

Shipping: For Austria it is 2,50€ which is nothing and for Germany 4,50€ and it doesn't matter how much you buy, the shipping remains the same! I hate it when I buy on ebay and in the end I have such a high shipping rate..
I don't know if they ship internationally, but I'm sure one can ask. :-)

One last thing and that is a huge advantage, you can go in their store and look at all the polishes and products, so you can see the actual colours!! And the store is tasteful, Barbara is lovely and it is NOT like at Micky Nails where you get kicked out for "just looking", still can't get over that..

I do NOT get payed for this post. lol
I just love Barbara, she is one of the kindest, loveliest people I know and I think this great store deserves some recognition!

So maybe you wanna check the site out. The homepage is:


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