Saturday, 22 January 2011

60's Fashion Show

Hey guys,

Yesterday was the hell of a day..

I did the make up for a 60's fashion show my sister and her colleagues organised. She's in her last semester of an event management school and that was the final project. A whole event "in the 60's" with an authentic fashion show. The models, she and her colleagues wore original clothing from the 60's borrowed from the ORF archives. Soooo cool..

The professional pictures will be ready soon and I hope they are good, cause the ones my mum did ended up looking extremely crappy.. lol I'm a bit sick of jobs where I end up having no pics for my portfolio, which happens all the time.

Nevertheless, I thought you might wanna see them.

The four ladies of the evening - my sister is the one in the yellow dress. She looked gorgeous, but I loved the orange/white dress the most, sooooo Austin Powers. *gg*

The models :-)

I worked, no exaggeration, all in all 12 hours.. Model after model came from the hair stylist and I even, in my "breaks", ended up doing the make up of some of the assistans, cause the begged me to.*g* I'm bad in saying no.. So in the end I did 12 whole face make ups that day.

One horrible thing happened, one of the girls needed a mirror and I gave her my MAC Dame Edna beauty powder with the little mirror in it and she dropped it..

This was the worst moment of my day.. I think you as beauty lovers yourself can feel that pain. I'm going to try to press it, let's see how it goes..

I wish I would have been payed for that day, but their budget was tight and as the sister.. At least I had the satisfaction of their smiles and joy when they looked in the mirror after I finished. That is worth the most, the knowledge that they love what you did. :-)

I hope you had a more relaxing day. *gg*


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