Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tips for London???

Are any of you guys maybe from London or living there?

My flight leaves on Friday evening and I'm already super excited. I can't wait to be there.. I haven't been to Covent Garden in ages.. And my beloved Marks & Spencer...
Do you have any tips for must-go places, no sightseeing things or so, cause I've seen them all already. :-)

On saturday, I'll mainly be at IMATS I'm sure. :-) Will any of you be there as well??

Other than that I'll visit, as mentioned, Covent Garden, naturally Camden Market, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and deeeefinitely the Illamasqua flagship store, but maybe there are some places I haven't been beautywise.

Would be awesome to have some insider tips!



amusedPolish said...

don't forget the accessorize cosmetics (not sure which stores in london have it)- mostly orly cosmic fx dupes(ish) BUT I think there'll be a few non-dupes which might be great to see in person as their e-shop doesn't seem to ship to austria (and their shop here doesn't carry the things)

Guinevere said...

wow what a great tip, thanks!!! :-))

nicole said...

you already did a nice shopping-plan