Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dress Shopping

Hey girls,

This is really exciting, at least it was for me. This was the first time it got real - I'm getting married! A crazy feeling..

I'm now gonna show you a selection of dresses I tried and loved. My final dress is already purchased and one of these you see. Of course I can't tell you which it is, but here we go anyway. I hope you enjoy. For once I'm happy my fiancé doesn't read my blog. *gg*

I didn't wear make up and of course my hair wasn't done. It will be open at my wedding day and I still wanna lose some weight, but as for now, that's the way they look.

Dress 1:

Dress 2:

Dress 3:

Dress 4:

Dress 5:

Dress 6:

What do you think?

I thought they all looked gorgeous in their own way and I might have chosen differently if money wasn't an issue.

I adored Dress 3, but for 2600€ it was definitely out of my reach. In general, I have the feeling as soon as you mention "wedding" everything costs twice as much. Like the wedding cake for example.. For what we would like to have you need to pay about 500€..

We already have the rings, which we'll order tomorrow and where we will get married - in Retz of course! I wanted a tiny wedding, but by now we have 60 guests and I'm positive it will stay that way.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite??



schokoschirmchen said...

4 und 6 sind total schön, also ich hätte eines davon genommen, aber auch wenn du ein anderes genommen hast, siehst du toll aus :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Du bist wunderschön!! Und die Kleider sind traumhaft-einfach wie eine Prinzessin :))

Wohnst du schon in Retz??
Ich war erst kürzlich mal wieder im Althof-ist echt ein liebes Srädtchen :)

Könntest du mal ein Goto von deinen Unterarm Tattoos machen? Mir daugn die so, bloß kann man das Motiv so schwer erkennen ().

Lg Chrisi

Anonymous said...

ich finde alle kleider sehr schön, aber am besten gefällt mir 1 und 3, würde ich selber sofort tragen!

Allison L said...

I love 4 and 6. I bought a dress three years ago but ended up getting a similar dress. Now after two years of marriage my husband decieded it was time for the church wedding.

These photos remind me of that time. :) So much fun. Guess I need to try mine on next time I'm at my parents.

viennafashionwaltz said...

I like Dress 2. But they all are very cute on you. Most Time the Bride feels when it is the right One - I Hope you got the Feeling :) And i can also understand that the Price is a factor, because its just for One Day - a Big Day, but only One Day!

Nice gretes