Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hello lovelies,

One thing I learned during my constant visits to the UK is that they are ahead of us when it comes to trends. The first time I saw the pink I-Pod I fell in love with, was in London about two years before they got really famous in Austria.

I have the impression threading is already a big deal in the US and now it reached the UK. Every Superdrug offers threading and you can get it done at each mall.

I was super excited, but when I saw a woman get her eyebrows done and her face turned red with pain I got cold feet. On the third day of four I decided to go for it. The whole thing was done in three minutes and definitely not as painful as I expected.

Here are the before and after pictures:



A short clip. I don't look very flattering, but well, you'll survive:

What do you think? I was quite happy with the result, especially, on the area above my brows. Nevertheless, I think my usual routine of tweezing and shaving of the blonde hairs is the best for me.



Katinka said...

Sieht gut aus! Soll ja auch schonender sein als waxen aber selber machen könnt ich das nie :-)

María Julia I. said...

hallo!!! if you are searching for a place for threading in vienna you can go to any "turckische" friseur...they are masters doing it.....;-)