Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'm back from London!

We came back on Tuesday night, but the week was so stressful, I didn't find time to write something proper. But I'm happy and proud to say that I did and pass my last Steop exam, the one I've been avoiding for two years!

I'm gonna show you some, well.. a ton of pics from London and in the next post my haul. :-)

The first day was full of sun..

I never took cheesy photos, so I did this time.

We went to Hamleys which is a five storey high toy store, simply incredible! They did a show before opening, I wanted to cuddle that bear so much.. *gg*

Full of amazing stuff, I could have bought a ton of items. Especially this, but 250 pounds was a bit much:

See the sign, they are already counting til it's christmas, so adorable..

Even the royal family was there:

I could have been in there all day.. Sadly, Flo didn't like that *gg*


M&M World, which is new and as cool as the one in New York:

Breaking Dawn was everywhere!

London at night, lovely:

I love the ads in London, they always have the coolest. 

Finally, I need to show you some photos of my favorite place in London, The London Aquarium. If you visit London, you must go there!

This is my favorite food in the UK, I eat it everytime we visit:

For the finale, something fun :-)

London and I will be seeing each other soon, but definitely without my fiancée. *gg* Half the time he was waiting in front of drugstores or Primark, he wasn't that happy about it. 

I was a very good girl shoppingwise. I will show you next.



Minimuff__ said...

Ich habe soooooo fernweh, und deine Bilder machen mich gerade seeehr wehmütig! :/

Aber sehen wirklich toll aus, - ich vermisse London!!


Chris Tine said...

Wow!!! Die M&M world ist toll!!!
Man kann sie in allen farben kaufen???

Ich muss dir ein kompliment machen-die siehst toll aus!!!

Lg Chrisi

Barb Brussels said...

Wow!looks like you were very productive in London!haha
Love the pics!

Pink Bunny said...

thank you for sharing ! love you