Friday, 18 November 2011

New GOSH products at BIPA

I saw a couple of cool sets at Bipa and had to share them with you:

Nail glitter (5,99€):

Eyeshadow set (no idea how much it costs):

So sorry for the blurry picture of the shadows.. It was hard to get a good picture with one hand while hiding from the saleswomen *gg*

Don't they look amazing?

A nail polish set (14,99€), which I only got a colour acurate photo in the second picture below.

All of those look amazing. I wish I could test the palette, but I'm sure it costs more than 20€.

I love GOSH so much!! Interested in any of those??



Godfrina said...

I've seen that collection a couple of weeks ago and was quite infatuated by the cheek/lips product. I found it rather expensive, though, for someone that barely uses cream blusher haha.

The eyeshadows were way too glitzy with fallout for my taste...

The palette is 16€ afaik.
But poorly pigmented from what I've heard.
The nail varnishes came in some sort of 'edition' - there should also be a lipgloss collection for a 15€ I believe.

Have you seen the palette and shadow set that are only available online?
They are only 10€.,de_AT,pd.html

I'm surprised with the pricing policy tbh - a single eyeshadow is almost 9€ but collection stuff like these 'only' 10-16€...:|

Jen said...

Die Palette klingt toll, vor allem als Weihnachtsgeschenk, muss ich mir mal ansehen. Ich besitze ja noch gar nichts von Gosh, vl ändert sich das ja bald :)

Christina said...

Ich hab dieses Oh My GOSH Set bei einer anderen Bloggerin gewonnen, und bin Hammer begeistert. Die Lacke decken sehr gut und sind echt hübsch =)

♥ LG Christina von Lipgloss Cinderella ♥

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