Saturday, 5 November 2011

Review: Pro Face No Sweat

Hey guys,

It's kind of an embarassing topic for me, but I thought maybe some of you are dealing with the same problem and this really works.

A couple of weeks ago I bought this toner-like product. It's designed for your face and its job is to avoid sweating. It's been created for actors and dancers to make their make up last and avoid shininess.

Unfortunately, and I hate it, I start sweating quite easily. I don't know why. There are people who don't seem to sweat at all, even while working out. Sadly, I'm not one of them..

During summer I can hardly wear foundation, cause it just runs down my face after a few minutes.. As soon as it gets colder and there's quite a difference between the outside and inside temperature, I have the same problem, not as bad, but still embarassing.

Here it is:

You apply this before putting on your foundation, just like you would use a toner. It dries fast and you can feel it pulling your pores together. It's not super comfortable, but just do some grimasses and it loosens a bit.

It really works and gives me more confidence. I wouldn't recommend using it every day, but if you have a special occasion or know you don't want to deal with it today, it's awesome.

It's 6,96€ and you only need a tiny amount. I bought it at Brenning, a theater/ make up supply store in Vienna. If you're from Vienna and wanna buy it, call them first, cause they always seem to be sold out of the products one needs at the moment..

Hope this helps some of you or if you are a make up artist and do fashion shows or events where this might be an issue, this is super handy.



michischaaf said...

glaubst du hilft es auch gegen ölige Haut? Lg

Guinevere said...

Ich kann es nicht sagen, aber ich glaub fast nicht

amusedPolish said...

Du bist da nicht die einzige :(

Aber das schlimmste find ich, wenn ich auf der Nase dann anfang zu schwitzen- bäääh

Reklamedame said...

DANKE für den Tipp, hab genau das gleiche Problem! Werd mir das spätestens vorm Sommer zulegen...ich versteh das oft nicht, v.a. in den Öffis fällt es mir oft auf, dass andere Mädls staubtrocken sind und mir rinnt das ganze Gesicht runter! :( said...

Die MAC Pro Longwear Foundation hält bei mir sogar 30min. Steppen aus und ich gehöre leider auch nicht zu denen, die nicht schwitzen ;D vielleicht kannst du die ja mal im Sommer probieren?