Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review: ghd

Finally *g* I already posted twice about it: *click* and *click* but this is the "real" review and it's going to be enormous. *g*

Where do I start..

Let's do it from the top:

Quality/Finish & Handling

No surprise I know, but the quality is amazing. The styler heats up in seconds and you're informed about that with a nice beep and the heat stays constant, even if it takes you ages to get your hairstyle done, because you're so incapable. *g* 

You can touch the styler on the outside without troubles or getting burned. It is perfectly formed, so no dragging on your hair while styling, no matter if you curl or straighten your hair. I don't know how often I had this tugging thing with curling irons..

What annoys me a little bit is that missing holder.. I constantly had the wish to be able to put it on a heat-proof holder while styling breaks. You know when you put clips in your hair or so. For 200€ something like that could be included..

There is no holder in their official shop. I found one on the site: *click* for 49€, but that is not cheap. I asked ghd and they told me that this holder is an invention of the guys which are customers of ghd themselves and sell their products mainly online.

There is a reason why there is no holder. Each set includes a cap which is completely heat-resistant and in which you can put your hot styler to safely cool down.

When it comes to the where do I put it while styling? issue: you can put it on all regular surfaces, so no worries there. 

In case you don't feel safe enough with that: They sell a heat-resistant mat/bag thing for 25€ in their store.

On to:

Performance & Results:

Again, I'm sure you've already read this a million times before and now from me: This styler is perfection. It's divine. Just as simple as that.

I used it many times and my hair never felt dry after styling, it actually felt softer, healthier and smoother.

One can do so many things with it. It's crazy. I created, as good as I managed to do so lol, the three main looks: curls, loose curls and straight.

Unfortunately, curls look sooooo silly on me. It's really sad, cause I always wanted them. I'm not gonna show you a picture of them, cause I simply looked ridiculous, though the curls themselves were perfect.. *g*

Here are my softer curls:

Lovely curls, but even those don't work with my face.

The look I really loved was the straight hair:

Since my hair isn't wavy I never thought straightening my hair would be something for me, but it totally is! *gg* I love it, it definitely suits me.

In a nutshell:

I love it. I absolutey adore it. It creates incredible hairstyles and is of excellent quality. I've seen people do unbelievable things with this.

It still is pricy, there's no sugarcoating that. Nevertheless, if you ask me, it's worth getting. I've always preferred quality and sometimes it costs and I'm sure this styler will last for the rest of my life. It's a bit like the Clarisonic. Expensive, but I never regretted buying it and always would do it again.

Christmas is coming, so write it on your wishlist girls. :-)

The product was given to me for review.


hübsch. said...

Straight hair suits you so well! a real supermodel look ;-)
puh it is a lot of money... but i am thinking about getting it for x-mas.

Jen said...

Sollte ich jemals ein neues brauchen, werde ich sicher ein GHD kaufen. Bis jetzt bin ich mit meinem Remington aber so zufrieden (man kann auch locken damit machen). Du siehst übrigens auf beiden Fotos so toll aus <3

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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