Sunday, 16 October 2011

ghd: First Impressions

Hey guys,

Some of you might remember I got a ghd in August. *click*

And some of you also already know I have this tic that I can't use awesome things right away..
Well and this is such an amazing product that I'm sure if I wouldn't have the lovely job to review this beauty, it might be christmas before I'd even gone near it..

But since this gift came with an obligation I just had to get over this tic.. Gotta say it wasn't easy.

I've used it several times so far, it's so pretty and it's amazing, truly amazing. My hair is very long and it straightens my hair lovely. My hair is very light and I always have parts of it flying around somewhere. With the ghd and the straightening spray it holds my hair wonderfully.

Nevertheless, it would be a lie to say it doesn't take practice. The first couple of times I had really troubles clipping my hair safely away, but I got better with time. You don't realise how many hairs you have until you try to style it. *gg*

I've seen videos of hairdressers creating styles with the ghd that only can be described as true art. It's a pleasure to watch them.

One thing I haven't managed so far and probably won't is curling my hair. It's just too damn long. It's definitely not the styler. I've seen women with more than ten years of experience trying to curl my hair and failing..

It seems I just won't be able to get away with that length.. Since I'm planning on cutting my hair anyway, that's not so bad, but it might take some time until this happens.

In order to show you the versatility of this amazing product I'm gonna style some of my friends whose hair isn't that long, creating several styles with it and showing them here.

One can also watch several how-to videos on their ghd youtube page: *click*

So stay tuned for tmy hairstyles posts!


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