Friday, 19 August 2011

An early christmas present or the Pink Orchid Limited Edition ghd Styler

Hey guys,

Two days ago I got a package which made me jumping around the appartement. I got the Pink Orchid Limited Edition ghd Styler for reviewing. 

I contacted ghd about three month ago and asked if I could test one of their stylers. Due to the high demand (which is no surprise) I got on a "waiting list" and they said they might get back to me.

I put all my heart in my blog and do my best, but I gotta say I didn't have much hope, cause I'm still a "small" blog in comparison to other blogs who have thousands of followers. All the more I couldn't believe it when they wrote me a few days ago and asked if I'm still interested in testing the ghd styler.

Of course I sayed yes and here are photos of this beauty:

Even the tape is awesome:

Let's go:

I also got several styling products, a pile of instruction booklets and three dvds which explain how to achieve certain hairstyles:

I'm sooooo grateful. I'm gonna take a lot of time to really thoroughly review it. :-) In addition, I'm gonna book a styling appointment at a hairdresser in Vienna who works with ghd stylers to get some further skills. :-) I maybe get my new haircut there as well.

Thanks again to ghd and their trust in my work.


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