Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Missha BB Cream Haul

I've been watching the trend wave of BB creams for quite a while now and as Garnier decided to release one as well, I thought: get a BB cream.

I looked online which brand had great reviews and came across the brand Missha who has several BB creams. I decided to test the "Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42" in Nr. 21.

Yesterday I received my package. I ordered from spicygoods on ebay and I'm so happy I did. Besides the BB cream, which cost me including shipping 19,99$, I got four samples, cotton pads and a lovely note.

I didn't wear it yet, but I swatched it. It blends easily into the skin and smells like a nicely scented face cream. I can't wait to wear it and thank god it fits my skin tone. *gg*

I will let you know how it performs on my skin asap.



Lilly said...

You won't believe how excited I am about this post! I'm still waiting for my bb cream order :(
I hope it arrives soon.

Lilly said...

yaaaaay! my bb cream order is here :D

I'm starting to believe that I should get a beauty blog myself. I always want to share my beauty finds with someone :)