Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review: The Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On

Hey guys,

I have so many reviews lined up that I'm worried you'll get bored.. *gg* This time it's about the new lip roll ons by The Body Shop.

I got so excited when I first saw the infos online and even more when I saw that pretty setup in their shop at Mariahilferstraße:

There were obviously two favorites *g*

But what are those Lip roll ons?

In a nutshell: if a lipgloss and a scented oil had a baby, this would be it.

Body Shop says: "Made from 100% natural ingredients, this roll-on liquid lip balm leaves lips feeling soft and totally kissable."
There are five different roll ons: Rose, Berry, Orange, Coconut, Mint

I bought the Orange one:

It's quite "big" with its 10ml and comes with a roller ball, which isn't just cool looking, it's also hygienic:

So what do I think?

I really like it. It feels a little bit weird at first, cause you're basically rolling oil over your lips, but it's not greasy or anything at all. It's glossy looking without the stickiness and lovely scented.

In terms of moisturising qualities, those are quite limited. I feel the oil about an hour on my lips, then it's absorbed. It might have a mositurising touch to it, but nothing more.
It keeps the moisture of your lips where it's supposed to be, but if you have chapped lips this won't be enough.

It's a cool product and definitely handy if you want some glossiness on your lips.


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