Thursday, 11 August 2011

GOSH nail polishes

I thought I share my GOSH nail polish collection. I'm actually surprised how many I own. *gg* Not all of those are available here, but maybe one day. :-)

Let's start:
From left to right: Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach, Peachy, Flamingo, Wild Lilac, Gasoline, Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze

(didn't found those two earlier) Chocaholic, Nero

aaaaaaand I forgot another one lol - Golden Dragon:

It's swatching time babes:

Yellow Bombay, Sweet Peach

Peachy, Flamingo

Wild Lilac, Gasoline

Green Hawaii, Holographic, Golden Bronze, Nero (no bottle)

Chocaholic, Nero

Golden Dragon

The only other item I have from Gosh is an eyeshadow brush. Nothing special but it does its job nicely:

Hope you liked that and it's useful for future decisions. :-)



Claire said...

wow, I have never tried any Gosh products before, I would love to get Holographic but you can only get it on ebay now, for ridiculous prices :(

Nagellackprinzessin said...

hübsch hübsch ich hab nur einen aber dafür holographic wooohooo :D
gibts flamingo jetzt beim bipa? ich liebe knalliges barbie-pink :)

Guinevere said...

Ich glaub schon :)