Monday, 3 October 2011

Haul: MAC Fall Colour & Posh Paradise

Today was the day I finally could pick up my items. Here we go:

MSF Lightscapade (I'm missing the pattern a little bit.. Almost just plain cream, but nevertheless, I couldn't resist getting it.)

Paint Pots!!! Uuhh jeah!! *gg*

Genuine Treasure


Treasure Hunt

Half Wild

Mattene Rare Exotic

I think for me this is quite modest gg

I already possess some of the products which were now repromoted, but I gotta admit I thought I own more of the pro lipsticks.. Here are those:


As you can see this was labelled as a matte e/s, but actually looks quite satin and today when I went to my MAC counter I took a closer look at the exhibited shadow and Shock-A-Holic now has a satin finish label on it and looked exactly like mine. Weird..

Magenta Madness pigment, Fleshpot lipstick

As usual matte pigments are such divas when it comes to swatching..

The gorgeousness captured:

Rain of Flowers polish

As you sure noticed I didn't swatch everything, I wasn't "able" to use them yet. *gg* Too pretty..

Disappointed by the missing pattern on Lightscapade as well? What did you buy?



Mirela said...

Im Donauzentrum gabs die LEs heute noch nicht und die Maccine hatte auch keine Ahnung wann sie sie bekommen, da war ich leicht genervt!

Glaub, dass sies dann doch schon morgen bekommen, wenn es sie woanders schon heute gab? Ich ruf mal morgen gleich um 9 Uhr an und nerv bisschen rum :P

Will mir einen der Posh Paradise Lippenstifte kaufen, die MSF der Fall Colour würden mich glaub ich nur enttäuschen bei dem Preis...

Lilly said...

you picked up great items from the 2 current mac collections. when I first saw the new repromoted lightscapade I thought that they put a MSF natural in the display because they were already sold out. ;-) the veining is completely missing in some of the products but yours seems to have at least some blue veins.

i got some paintpots and some pigments yesterday but passed on the lipsticks, the glosses and the mattenes (they had some pretty colours though but I'm on a budget).