Monday, 10 October 2011

The Horror of my vanished pictures

Two weeks ago I got my new phone - the Samsung Galaxy S2 and this phone does connect everything, freaking everything. It showed me all my Picasa pictures all the time which was kinda annoying.

I thought those are only copies of the real images and deleted them two days ago in Edinburgh to make sure I have enough space for my photos. I came home three hours ago and what do I find.. All my fucking blog photos are gone.

So while I thought I only deleted a copy of the albums, I deleted the actual photos. I could kill myself, all this work, two years of pictures. Just gone..

My blog just vanished into thin air, what is a blog without pictures. I feel like a singer without a voice.. I do have back-ups, but not of all the pictures and to actually find and put them in the right place, it could take weeks.

I still hope there is some kind of way to restore those pictures. Please don't unsubscribe, I'm gonna do my best to fix this. I feel like someone pulled the rug out from under my feet, I physically feel sick..

Again, I'll try to fix this asap. Please be patient and of course I'll keep doing posts every day.



Emma said...

OMG that awful, I hope you can retrieve your pictures! x

Lilly said...

oh noooo :(
don't worry! I am sure you can find a way to fix things.