Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Photo Horror The Second

Apparently, and to my utter despair there is no way to restore my pictures , cause "Picasa doesn't make its own copies of your photos..and does not physically store them".

So starting with tomorrow I'm gonna re-upload each picture, post by post..
This might take some time, I'm gonna start with my recent posts.

I won't be able to re-upload all pictures, cause I deleted some.of them.. I hope I didn't delete too many..

Sorry again and I hope I can undo this nightmare as soon and thoroughly as possible.



Kirschblüte said...

OMG, das ist ja echt ur sch*** :(!

Guinevere said...

du sagst es.. ich könnt mich wirklich erschießen..

Kirschblüte said...

bekommst du wenigstens irgendeine art von entschädigung?

Guinevere said...

Von wem denn? Samsung und Picasa würden nur sagen, hättest hald das kleingedruckte gelesen..