Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Review: Dr. Bonner's Magical Soap Bar Zitrus Orange

This is such an amazing product, so read closely, you gonna love this!

I've seen this soap on one of DulceCandys videos. It was about cleaning brushes, she was washing her brushes with the liquid version of this and raved about how amazing it is.

I got curious, but since I didn't want to buy the huge bottle for 11€  I got the soap, which still cost 5€. It's available at American Apparel and luckily we have one here in Vienna. I bought it half a year ago, but only started using it a month ago, when my MAC brush cleaner was used up.

Here is how it looks like; I bought the Zitrus-Orange version:

The scent is very subtle, so no worries. On to the review:

This is AWESOME. It really cleans brushes amazingly, but what makes it so special is how it works on creamy residues and stains.

I'm sure you all know how annoying it can be to get rid of lipstick or foundation on your brushes. I tried many methods (baby shampoo, olive oil,..) and nothing worked to my satisfaction. Stains on brushes, green for example, are also quite persistent.

This soap dissolves those like it's water. It completely and immediately removes all the product on the brush. I've never seen anything like this..

How I use it: I wet my brush and the soap and then rub the brush a little on the soap and massages the product into the brush. Then I wash it off and it's done. Squeaky clean brushes!

Just amazing!!! and I'm sure this soap will last me for ages. An awesome price-performance ratio.

  • unbeatable result
  • price-performance ratio is good
  • fast
  • easy to do
  • not that easy to get: available online (Amazon i.e.) or at American Apparel

So if you are looking for a product that removes EVERYTHING from your brushes - get this.

Hope this was helpful. It's definitely a holy grail product for me!


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michischaaf said...

toll!! war schon auf der Suche nach nem Ersatz für den brush cleanser, weil der mir einfach zu teuer ist! danke für den Tipp! Lg