Monday, 20 June 2011

Colour Blocking!

Hey dear ones,

This is for Blusherine. :-) The idea: read and pink eyes, purple lips. Well, I couldn't resist. *gg*
Here we go:

Some close ups:

I hope you like it lovely Blusherine. :-)



Blusherine said...

Yay!!!! Great job!!! I love the drama on your eyes, you wear bright colors so well!! What eyeshadows did you use? That red and pink are both gorgeous!

Guinevere said...

:-) happy you like it!! Those shadows were from NYx, I used the red jumbo pencil from NYX as a base and for the pink a mac lip liner gg

Blusherine said...

awwwww, i like nyx shadows! i have the red jumbo pencil as well but i only used it for halloween so far :o))

Guinevere said...

I rarely use the jumbo pencils, cause unfortunately those crease like hell on me. But I only put it on and removed it after taking pictures, so it didn't matter