Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar

I'm currently sick as hell, but luckily I already prepared this post. So enjoy. 

I read about this calendar on MacKarrie's blog and immediately had to buy it. 22 ciaté nail polishes for about 45€. I mean a normal sized ciaté polish costs 10€! And let's be honest, this size is enough. I never used up any polish so far anyway.

So let's overflow you with pictures!

I love this set, it's a perfect christmas gift as well. If you wanna know any of the names, let me know, but I'll feature most of them, okay all of them, in future NOTD posts anyway. *g*



Polish Jinx said...

I dont like putting my link in a comment as it looks and feels spammy- but OMG!!!! I just got this years advent calendar and its TOTALLY different! Mine is the one available in at Sephora. There is a second different one available in the USA at Nordstroms that has a full sized bottle in it. So that makes 3 DIFFERENT advent calendars!

Here is what was in mine! See? VERY DIFFERENT!


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