Friday, 27 September 2013

Rocking Oktoberfest

Today, I have the pleasure to be one of the bloggers that finishes the Oktoberfest week.

Lovely Petra had the idea to do a theme week. So Hannah, Katii, PixiPetra, Julia, Eva-Maria and Vicky each did a post on the famous Oktoberfest. Today, it's my and Vicky's turn.

I decided to take a different look at the famous Oktoberfest. While there are all those classic colours that come to mind: blue, white, rose etc. Oktoberfest is all about partying in the end.

So, here is my rocking Oktoberfest manicure for you.

Nevertheless, I feel like you need to see a "Dirndl" here. *g* Since I don't have one, I'll show you a selfie of my beautiful sister wearing hers.

Have you ever been to the Oktoberfest? I haven't, but well, I don't drink alcohol and am not that fond of drunk crowds so I'm fine. *g*

I hope you liked my post and don't forget to check out the others from my blogger friends. Just click on their names and you'll be right there. :-)



süchtig nach... said...

Hui das glitzert ja toll :) Passt dir echt super, das Dirndl :)

Viele liebe Grüße

Guinevere said...

ist meine schwester, aber ich gebe das kompliment gern weiter :-)

kikimee said...

Die Farbe ist genial jetzt für diese Jahreszeit :) sieht richtig gut aus :)

Ich habe zurzeit ein Gewinnspiel laufen. Wenn du Lust hast schau doch mal vorbei. Ich folge dir nun, vll hast du ja Lust zurück zu folgen :)

xoxo kiki

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