Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Burgit Footcare Anti-Callus Gel

Especially, in summer having pretty feet is important. Sadly, mine are constantly a mess.. I have really dry feet and a constant issue with calluses. I hate it, so I try what I can to reduce those problem areas.

Burgit just released a new anti-callus gel that's supposed to dissolve hard skin in just 10 minutes. After that you can scrape off the excess skin. - At least that is what they advertise on the packaging. 

I'll keep it short - it doesn't work at all.. Let's take a look at it and go into more detail:

I was sooo hopeful, but it just doesn't do anything. On top of that it's really aggressive and harsh. I had a small cut on my heel and it burned like crazy. I didn't even try it on my cuticles. Too risky..

So, long story short, don't buy it. It's a complete waste of money. :-( Better invest your money in a good pedicure.

Do you have a holy grail product that makes your feet pretty?


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Madison Annabella said...

Diabetics must be especially cautious with their feet, and should never attempt any invasive things like cutting cuticles or calluses on their own. They should be under a doctor's care for any procedure relating to the feet.