Monday, 9 September 2013

Maybelline Jade Big Eyes Eyeshadow Swatches & Review

The Big Eyes collection by Maybelline Jade was released a few weeks ago and there are lovely colour combos. :) 

Maybelline sent me one of them and without wanting to seem ungrateful, I'm really not, I think I got the most boring one. *gg* I just love colours that are more intense and there are some in that collection. 

This is nr. 3 and called "Turquoise".

The colours have good colour pay off and the texture is really smooth, almost like a cream product. :)

I really like them and gonna do a look with it soon. :-) If I could choose one of them I'd definitely go for the green set, but all of them include beautiful colours.

Tried one of these??

PR-Sample - Thanks :)