Sunday, 8 September 2013

Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather Swatches & Review

Lately, Maybelline's Color Show polishes became one of my favorite brands besides essie.

This two-piece LE will be released in October. It's finish is described as a raw leather effect. I was quite curious. :)

Let's take a look "Turquoise Temptation":

The flecks in the polish look really pretty, at least in the bottle.

Well, and here it is. In the end, it's just a matte polish. Nothing more and as we all know matte isn't exactly unique anymore. In addition, the flecks totally vanish in the finish, which is kinda sad.

A topcoat changes it a bit. I like it much more with a shiny finish.

The flecks get more prominent, but nothing exciting. I really only saw it when I removed the polish or at least I tried it..

All in all, this polish won't get a recommendation from me. I truly like the Color Show polishes, but this one is neither exceptionally pretty nor unique.

Will you get it?

PR-Sample - Thanks :)

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