Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Nerding-out Lego Style

In some ways I'm definitely a nerd and I'm completely fine with it. *g* Luckily, I found someone who's pretty similar to me. Immediately leaving a restaurant after finishing or watching TV series every night for hours.

We were kinda "looking" for a new hobby since going to the movies got less and less attractive thanks to all the crap they are releasing. One example "Lone Ranger"..

Back to the beginning. I love Lego, one reason to get a child! ;) So, when I first saw the Lego Tower Bridge in London I wanted it immediately. The heavy prize tag stopped me though. 219€ isn't exactly a bargain..

Recently, a Lego store opened in the SCS, which I love, and we decided to go for it and buy that bridge. A dream came true.

Fun started:

I started with those cool vehicles.

After half a day of hard work it was done:

It's such a gorgeous bridge. I love it. It just needs the perfect place now.

At the moment one gets a free mini VW bus if you buy something over 55€. :)

Do you have a nerdy hobby? I love our new one. *g*


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