Thursday, 5 September 2013

Look by Bipa's New Brushes!!

When I strolled around my favorite Bipa store I saw these:

Two new brushes by the Look by Bipa brush range! In the awesome pink and white design. Let's take a look:

Stippling Brush

Blender Brush:

Front and center:

Stippling Brush: As you all can see this is no stippling brush. A stippling brush is much more packed and denser. I would say it's a soft powder brush and it does a very good job.

Blender Brush: This is a blending brush and a nice one. It works lovely without being harsh.

I absolutely love them. The only drawbacks were a horrible plastic smell which clearly came from the packaging and the design of the packaging also pressed them in a flat shape. They really should overthink that..

But no worries, as soon as you wash them the smell is gone. After the brushes are out for a while the shape gets normal as well. The performance is great.

My absolute favorite is the Blender brush, it's great and exactly what was missing in their collection. I posted already about the other Bipa brushes here, but the pictures all went to hell when I had this horrible disaster with my picasa web albums.. :(

If you want a new review/pictures of their other brushes let me know.