Saturday, 14 September 2013

My busy Week..

It feels like I haven't posted anything in weeks, well, 5 days. Sorry for my absence, but this week was so crazy and I have a got reason..

I got my first teaching position! To call it sudden is an understatement. *gg* They contacted me and asked if I might be interested in team-teaching since they are horribly understaffed. A serious problem in Austria right now.

Long story short, I started on Monday and am still alive. :-) Time will tell if it is the right thing for me, right now I'm still overwhelmed by all the new impressions. Something I can already tell -  so far the "education" I got at university was completely useless. It's ridiculous.

I'll try to find time to start posting daily again. I miss the blog and you guys.



Madame Bonaparte said...


Good luck with everything- I study Lehramt too ^^

Guinevere said...

überlegs dir gut gg

Madame Bonaparte said...

Wenn ich die Lehrerdienstrechtsdebatte so anschau, kommt mir eh alles hoch... Aber es is halt mal das was ich will, was andres kann ich immer noch machen xD

Guinevere said...

dann mach es, der wille ist das einzige was zählt :)

H O N E Y said...

so cool!