Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MAC Antonio Lopez Promo Night

Last week was the preview night of the new Antonio Lopez collection by MAC. It's exclusively available at Steffl in the first district. 

I had the luck to take some picture before hell broke loose. ;-) Here we go:

The sets are really tiny, especially for the prizes, so I decided to be a good girl and not buy anything.

Another thing I found truly disturbing were the promo girls. You know, the ones that are wearing the looks and you can take pictures with. They were cleary anorexic. Bones everywhere. It was shocking.

I tend to pay more attention to that than other people since I struggled with anorexia myself when I was a teenager. It is a serious illness and I'm always disappointed in companies that "support" such body images by booking them. It's just not right.

I left before the preview night began. Don't try to look like them, it can easily make you infertile or even kill you.


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