Monday, 7 October 2013

Lipstick & Cream Eyeshadow Storage

Some of you already know that we spend most of our time in Retz now, so I'm slowly moving all my make up to our house.

Some of my products: my lipsticks and cream eyeshadows.

Two paint pots are missing, that's the rest:

The lipsticks are now in our entrance room, right by the mirror. Some are missing, but here they are:

There's a lot more to transport to Retz *g* I'll keep you updated.



Petra Vo said...

There are really good Storage und perfectly for the products.
Where did you get it? I search a perfect Storage for my many products.

Vedra said...

Hallo! Die Cremelidschatten-Ablage ist ja ideal - was ist das genau bitte, und woher?
Danke! :)

Guinevere said...

Die ist ursprünglich vom Ikea, ich befürchte aber, dass es sie nicht mehr gibt.

Badezimmerabteilung, Aufbewahrung sollt es zu finden sein, wenn es noch verfügbar ist.

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