Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saving Money Fressnapf Style

We finally have an Internet connection again, so I'll vlog and blog you to death. :-)

This has nothing to do with beauty, but it was such a crazy coincidence I have to share it. *gg* Last week I went to our closest Fressnapf, a pet supply store. It's in Horn and was recently reopened.

I was there to get Kronos favorite chewing bones, when the saleswoman told me they are currently having some dog stuff on sale, I went out and couldn't believe my eyes. Everything for 1€. I basically got all the good stuff they had.

So I ended up with this huge amount of stuff.

Aristoteles immediately had to check if there's something interesting for him:

I wanted to buy some Agility stuff for ages, but never did, because it's so expensive, but for 10€ each, hell yeah!!

The bill was quite unique:

I payed 97€ and saved over 411€!!!I mean how freaking incredible is that?

If we have a Blackout tomorrow Kronos will definitely live longest. *g*