Saturday, 26 October 2013

Essence Superheroes Nail Polish Swatches

I came across a full display of Essence's new LE and first wanted to get all the polishes and the polish remover.

Then I decided to get five polishes and no remover, which you can see above. *gg* After walking around with them ten minutes, I really looked at them and if they are unique enough to get a place at my home and.. the end I only got these two "power girl!" and "super, man!":

Swatch time:

"Super, man!"

This definitely isn't a holo polish, it's a silver with holo particles. Still pretty cool. :)

"power girl"

Sadly, I wasn't really able to capture the multidimension of this polish. It switches from dark blue to purple, depending on the light. :)

What do you think? Like them? Did you buy any??

I really like those two. :-)


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