Thursday, 13 December 2012

Garnier Olia Color Party!

At the beginning of November I was invited to a top-secret Color party. Garnier released a revolutionary new hair coloration that works completely without ammoniac. You know the ingredient that smells so bad you're always on the verge of fainting because of the fumes.

We were at the L'Oréal academy in Vienna and the idea was to get a at-home experience, so we had to dye our hair by ourselves, but of course we got some help.

I chose the shade nr. 7 which was quite popular. Let's share some pictures:

Here we go:

Miss Austria was also part of the event. She's so skinny and her facial features are so perfect, I was so jealous.. 

Group photo of some of the guests. I looked really bad standing next to the best looking person:

Me with my new hair color!

It was a lovely evening, even if it wasn't that easy to color your hair by yourself.. Several girls had troubles, but luckily it worked for me.

It's a little over a month now since I dyed it and the colour still looks lovely, the nice smell is another plus. 60% of the colour is made of oils, several of them of natural origin. Pretty cool.

Thanks to Garnier for inviting me and if your looking for a hair color without those horrible fumes, go get this one! In France and the UK it's already available, we'll get it in January



Nuica said...

My experience with Garnier skincare and hair care products has been dreadful.

HOWEVER - their hair colors get along with my hair very well. Much better than Loreal and Revlon.

Recently I discovered that I can buy professional hair color ELGON. They dont distribute to drugstores (like DM and simmilar) but sell only in shops with professional hair salons, I get 100ml of color for the price of package of hair color I can buy in DM or Muller. Hidrogen is sold seperatly, but it is not a problem.

Your hair color suits you very well :)

Guinevere said...

So sorry to hear that Garnier doesn't work for you.

So far Garnier always worked for me, but I'm glad that you found something else :)

Pink Bunny said...

you look lovely ! a very beautiful young woman

Terrorbambi said...

Eins muss ich zuerst unbedingt loswerden: Ich finde ja, dass du auch neben der Miss Austria eine tolle Figur machst ;)
Ich bin mittlerweile vom Selbstfärben weg, liegt aber vor allem daran, dass ich jetzt blond bin. Da lasse ich lieber die Finger davon.

Bei mir läuft übrigens gerade ein Adventsgewinnspiel. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust. -klick-