Friday, 21 December 2012

Lush So White Ballistic Bath Bomb

As promised, the first item in the lovely "Best Wishes" box you can win.

This gorgeous, foamy bath bomb is named "So White Ballistic" and one of the limited edition winter products. So how does it smell?

Lush says: "Our favorite fizzer returns with a fresh makeover! This year we were inspired by Holi, a traditional Indian festival in which people throw colored powders at one another to celebrate the end of winter. With this in mind, we redesigned So White to be thrown into your tub just like a snowball. Once in water, So White dissolves to reveal a bright pink center and an enticing appley fragrance. Our inventors brewed up a soft, fruity and floral scent with an enchanting blend of bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute, for bathing happily ever after"

I can't confirm it, cause I didn't buy it yet, but I will later today. I can't resist.. As if my wallet hasn't suffered enough. *g*

You wanna win this foamy dream? Just click on the picture on the right side and you will find what you need to do. It's quite simple. :-)

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the next item.


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