Saturday, 16 June 2012

Drugstore Haul at the end of the world

Hey Guys,

Sorry, for not writing much this month. I'm a pretty bad blogger. Time is flying by when one has to learn all the time and not in a good way..

At the end of such exhausting days - after work, exams, pets and Uni, I just wanna lie in bed and watch 2 Broke Girls. Luckily, it's over soon!

Yesterday, I went to a Müller store which officially is still in Vienna, but actually is so far away from the center, I felt like I'm closer to Retz than Vienna.. lol

I was fascinated by that street name as well... How can anyone approve that:

I did travel there, cause it was the only Müller which had the full "Snow White" Essence collection left:

Also other full displays:

I didn't buy anything from the "Ready for Boarding" collection, though I still think about that gorgeous pink polish.

On to my haul, which includes products from DM and an "old" haul product:

Let's start with Snow White:

Snow White (THE classic red), Dopey

I don't have such a colour in my collection, how cool!!

I had to get those two as well, though I doubt I'll ever use them.. gg

I found the Zuckerschnute shower gel at the DM there. Back-Ups for when they are not available anymore, which is soon. Most stores are already sold out of it:

From the Catrice Coolibri collection I picked up one of the cream shadow pencils which are of amazing quality from what I've seen so far:

I also saw this unique alessandro nail polish and had to get it:

That was it. :-) Some pretty neat products and I think completely justified for being such a good student.  :-)

I also wanted to say thanks for being interested in my Weight Loss journey. Gonna post my prehistory tomorrow or so.


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lasuse said...

haha, immer gut zu wissen wo ein müller im nirgendwo ist, wo keiner hingeht und nicht alles am ersten tag weggekauft ist :D :D