Friday, 9 December 2011

Look by Bipa "Metallic in the Mix!" Nail Polish Collection

I love how Bipa continues to surprise us and this nail polish collection is definitely a treat for every nail polish lover!!

As you can see the display was already quite empty, but no wonder, I mean look at that lovely duocromes and holos!

I ended up getting 8 out of 10.. *g* I know 8? But they are only 1,99€ and apparently some of them are perfect dupes for Chanel polishes.

The flash shows their beauty!

I'm gonna post some swatches and pics in daylight tomorrow. Right now it's just too dark outside to get decent photos.

How many will you get? *gg*



CucumPear said...

*shuffles around sheepishly*
I may possibly have bought all of them when I just happened to find them this morning. And as great as it is to find holo and duochrome polishes in Austria, I'm a bit sad that metallic pearl and metallic diamonds will probably be overlooked. Judging by my one-coat skittle swatches they're a really good silver metallic and foil.

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