Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Acrylic Lipstick Holder

I'm obsessed with storage which you might have noticed. *g* I envy all of you who live in the U.S. and have access to all those gorgeous acrylic displays.
I found this at ebay from a german seller, so no worries with customs:

It holds 24 lipstick of all sizes, even the big ones (i.e. Illamasqua). The display itself cost me 1€, but shipping was 9,90€ *g*. That's still a good price, so I bought it.

Pretty, right??

The "problem" is that if you have a large number of lipsticks (like me) you'd have to buy several displays and that gets expensive.. For now I only have this one and store my lipsticks at the moment still in my old IKEA display. gg Mascaras and pencils fit in there as well.

I'm still not sure if I should buy more displays to have space for all my lipsticks or find something else to put into that display.. What would you do??


3 comments: said...

Ich hab mir einige Teile von gekauft, unter anderem einen Behälter wo z.B. 6 Lippenstifte in ein Fach gehen und es gibt 12 Fächer. Die Sachen kosten leider mehr als 1€, aber der Versand ist bei einer größeren Bestellung auch in etwa 15€ wenn ich mich richtig erinnere.

Guinevere said...

ja da wollt ich auch schon bestellen, genau das was ich wollt is "nur im store erhältlich"... :-(

michischaaf said...

OMG genau sowas will ich auch!!!!