Tuesday, 13 December 2011

EDITED: Yankee Candles at Thalia

I hate when that happens, but sometimes it just does: I experienced quite a few things today concerning Yankee Candles which made the original post redundant/incorrect.

Yesterday, I saw the Yankee Candles at the tiny Thalia at Westbahnhof and couldn't believe my eyes. They had quite a few as well:

We bought some and payed for each big glass (411g) 19,90€. But as I found out today there is actually an offer at the moment and they only cost 15,90€ until christmas. Stupid uninformed staff at Westbahnhof. Gosh I was pissed.. So I drove back to that store with my bills and (luckily) got my money back.. Such idiots..

Our haul before today:

The big "Christmas Cookie" which smells delicious!! The "Sparkling Cinnamon" which we haven't tried yet and three tarts: "Christmas Cupcake", "Warm Spice" (smells awesome as well, a bit like caramel) and "Home Sweet Home".
Today, I bought "Spiced Orange" (411g) and "Christmas Tree" (104g).

While the saleswoman at that tiny Thalia told me they are only available for christmas, apparently you can get them at the Thalia Landstraße all year!
This Thalia has maaany different ones and more sizes as well:

Even the ones against pet odors.. *g*

In addition, I was browsing the "wrong" online shop..
While I visited yankee.at (which silently transforms to a german store), the real Austrian store is http://www.yankee-shop.at/ and in that online shop you get free shipping over 40€. :-) Thanks hübsch for writing about the existence of that store in the comments.

What a mess.. *gg* I hope the facts now remain the same.



hübsch. said...

you should definitely check out http://www.yankee-shop.at/, free delivery-wide range and the tarts are only 1,50 Euro, they also have their christmas collection the whole year! I ordered there several times and they where so quick and organized-perfect!

Jen said...

Find ich toll, hab beim Thalia im Donauzentrum schon welche gekauft :)

michischaaf said...

Sooo, ein MIST.
wir haben die erst letztens beim Thalia am Westbahnhof gesucht, aber da hatten sie nur die großen Kerzen und wollte so ein Tarte...
naja, auch ok, jetzt weiß ich wenigstens, dass sie es wirklich haben! =)

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