Sunday, 30 June 2013

Subcutane Ageless Hydro Lipid Emulsion Review and Ilvy

Hello lovelies,

You would think once Uni is over, I would have time to blog, but so far it was more stressful than anything else. Right now and until Wednesday we're babysitting my parents dog, Ilvy:

As innocent as she looks, she's a little devil.. She keeps me busy all day and apparently thinks she's a cat..

But NOW let's get to the beauty part of the post. A couple of weeks ago this bottle surprised me in the mail:

Subcutane is a certified natural cosmetics brand, I must admit I've never heard of, but as soon as I used it we became close friends. It's a skin care range full of rich vegetable oils, natural moisturizes and concentrated herbal ingredients.

The Hydro Lipid Emulsion I got is designed to really moisturize your skin and prevent any dryness. It's packed with white tea, jojoba oils, apricot seeds, pineapple extracts, shea butter and more. That's what Subcutane says:

"Subcutante Hydro Lipid Emulsion supports the natural barrier function of your skin against loss of moisture and gives it renewed elasticity.  The exceptional 2-phase texture from high quality plant oils and moisturisers balances your hydro lipid film.  Your skin is soothed and due to its light colouration it gives your complexion an instant refreshing effect."

So what do I think?

I love it. I was quite wary at first though. Oil often means greasiness and especially during summer this is something I really don't need. But no. It absorbs quickly, smells pleasent - like apricots and pineapples - and truly moisturizes my face. 

You shake it to mix the ingredients and then spray it into your hands and apply it. Here is my only point of critism. I wish it would have a pump instead of a spray bottle top, because you lose product this way. It get's between your fingers and some of it gets lost.

Other than that I think this is a great product. It does a lovely job and is all natural, what do you want more. Sadly, that mix isn't the most affordable one. The emulsion costs 32€, but if you compare it to other brands it's more than okay.

The series which contains five products (Deep Cleansing Foam, Eye Balsam, Hydro Lipid Emulsion, Tautening Serum, Moisture Balanceis now available at DM's and online.


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