Monday, 3 June 2013

Ebelin Beauty Etui and the endless Rain

It's June, can you believe it?  If you live in Austria, I can tell you the answer: a big, fat "no!".. We're drowing in rain, literally, several city are fighting with floods.. One of the moments I'm glad to live in a city. My thoughts are with all the families fighting the weather.

A little while back ebelin released some new products. Austria got three: an acetone free nail polish remover, a duo eyeshadow brush and a beauty etui including a nail file and tweezers.

Today, I'll review the beauty etui for you. 

It's in a pretty, purple packaging, perfect for taking it with you.

The two items come in the same colour:

As always, I'll keep it short. I was quite disappointed. The nail file is okay, but the tweezers are horrible. They weren't sharpened at all and it was impossible to tweeze my brows..

I wouldn't recommend buying them. It's a waste of money. Invest in a good pair of tweezers, Tweezerman is my favorite brand when it comes to tweezers.


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