Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pandawears Box

Hey guys,

This is really cool! We all know the various monthly boxes like the Glossybox for example. In the United States, they even have monthly Boxes for your pet.

Two weeks ago I heard about the Pandawears Box. A gift box for yourself, but instead of beauty items, you get a gorgeous pair of sunglasses each month for 9,99€ including shipping (for Austria).

I was looking for some awesome glasses for weeks and never found a pair that looked cool and didn't cost a fortune, so this was just the perfect timing, I couldn't wait and was so excited when I got my pandas:

They were so nice and sent me two pairs, two goodies and stickers.


Here we go:

My absolute favorite:

I've been wearing the pink ones every day and got tons of compliments so far. :-)

You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions. They keep track of the sunglasses you already have so you never get the same one by mistake and to define what you can expect you can choose between these:
Sadly, you can only choose one of the four. I wish you could tick more, I would love to have Girl and Freaky.

I think the idea is awesome, especially after weeks of looking for cool sunglasses and never finding a pair. Especially for that prize. So, I got myself a three months subscription. :-) Just the right amount of time to cover summer.

If you wanna check them out, just click: here

What do you think about the box? Like it?


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