Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wedding Update!

My wedding day is just 17 days away.. It's crazy how fast time flies by.. It's so scary.

I just finished Thomas Sünders "Wer Ja sagt, darf auch Tante Inge ausladen" The only book that I found useful in terms of wedding preparations.

It's from his perspective and describes what he watched go wrong and how to avoid it and god there's so much that can go wrong... Even though he's "just" a DJ, he has useful tips for every part of the wedding. For everyone who gets married - this is a must red!! 

Planningwise, I'm almost done. The only thing that still needs to be arranged is the flower decoration. I'm not good with plants or flowers, for some reason they always die. I'm gonna choose the flowers I think look pretty and will let my mum do the rest. *g*

For the rest, I can't complain enough about the high prices.. Everything is so expensive. I had a lovely photographer, but we recently and surprisingly moved and with all the renovations we had to do, she got too expensive for us... Yay..

I heard the sentence "I hope this is over soon" more than once from my fiancé and this really makes me sad. I just hope it will be a nice day, but I'm gonna be honest. I'm happy when it's over as well. Not the getting-married part, of course not, I'll try to breathe those moments in and keep them locked in my mind forever, but all the guests and organisation.. I've had enough of that already...


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