Saturday, 16 April 2011


Hey guys,

I stopped getting gel nails, why?
  • There were getting too expensive, at least for my current situation - no money - thanks IMATS *gg*
  • I got annoyed, I tend to get annoyed by the tiniest things and this particular reason might seem especially weird - I love my Origins products so much and a ton of creme got lost under my nails and that sucked and it just hurts when they split and so on..
I still think they have a ton of advantages and are kinda gorgeous, cause they are just pretty and make the most brittle nails strong, but I wanted a break.

I didn't get them "professionally" taken off, I just let them grow out or at least tried, they broke off and so, not pretty at all.. I didn't want to get them taken off, cause I wouldn't have seen where the healthy, normal nail would start.

Long story short, this is how they look now, it's horrible.. And sorry for my cuticles..

See where my healthy/normal nail starts, crazy different right? You really see how weak the nail who had the gel on is..

Many people say their nails are weak for months, but I don't think this is an actual effect of the gel, there's just a huge difference between a gel nail and a normal nail.

I wonder how long I will survive without them.. lol Cause this is one horrible situation..

I wanted to show you this, cause, you know, knowledge is power. ;-)

Love you,


Blusherine said...

Oh I'm sorry about your nails! I once had gel nails but I never got them redone! I like my natural nails better!

Lilly said...

I'm sorry about your nails! Like Blusherine I only had gel nails once (for my wedding) but I never got them redone either. After the gel nails I tried something from a brand called nail tech, it's call TRANSISTION. The pack consists of 3 nailpolishes which are nail treatments for nails after gel nails (sounds strange but it works). I used these polishes for 3 months and my nails looked pretty good.
Have a good weekend! *hugs*

CucumPear said...

I generally find natural nails prettier than gels, so taking this step gets a double thumbs up from me. My nails, by the way, look much like yours do now whenever I remove patches after wearing them for some time and they do get better.
Though I'm sure some people don't notice a difference in weakness, I do think that anything that physically fortifies the nail can have a significant effect on the natural nails' strength. I always notice that formerly patched nails are a lot softer than unpatched ones. Of course with gels you don't usually have the opportunity for a direct comparison.

Anyway: I hope that your damaged area grows out soon and that you're happy with your natural nails.

Guinevere said...

wow, thanks for the kind words! I was expecting some: gosh they look disgusting.. *gg* Love you guys!!

Nyota said...

just to make you happy: Oh boy, do the nails look gross! ;). lol
no actually, I think your nails look pretty normal.
I also like natural nails better, but mine are so thin, quite strong, but thin, and they tend to break easily, so sometimes I also wear gel nails. but most of the tme I have my natural nails. :) only if they get too short and I am annoyed with that. lol
I hope yours will het well soon and that your natural nails will grow fast. ;)