Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Did you see it? I was watching it the whole day and truly adored it. Kate wore such a beautiful dress!! So classy and Grace Kelly..

I was a bit sad about the passionless kiss, but at least we got two and the second one was more authentic. I loved it when you saw William saying: One more kiss? And she slightly nodded and they kissed again. So damn cute!!

I'm such a UK nerd.. I definitely need a tattoo to honour this passion. :-) And I want back to London.. Or Edinburgh..



Line said...

I love listening to William, he has got such a great voice! And the weddding was pretty nice, I liked all the outfits^^

Guinevere said...

gotta watch one of the streamings, cause unfortunately the stupid synchronize person spoke the whole time and I didn't hear their voices..