Thursday, 5 May 2011

MAC Eyeshadow Swatching Project

A lovely reader asked me if I could show my MAC eyeshadows, swatches of them to be exact, and I thought why not. :-) The thing is that this is quite a project *gg* cause I have a ton of MAC eyeshadows. I have a few other shadows, which I depotted in those palettes, so don't wonder, but I'll label them, so there will be no confusion.

I'll start with my Highlighter Palette:

From left to right:

Gesso, Vellum, Vanilla, Blanc Type, Next To Nothing, a MNY colour

Awash, Bold As Gold, Shroom, Hey, Yogurt, All Races, UD Midnight Cowboy

Hope you liked it, of course it's difficult to capture neutrals, but I think I got them right. The pics are clickable and I'm gonna continue these posts until I've shown you all my MAC colours. :-)

Next will be, surprise surprise, yellow! *gg*


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