Saturday, 14 May 2011

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Colour Review

Every time I find pictures I took with my digi cam I feel like crying.. I miss it so much, I want it back. This is the second expensive present from my BF I lost.. 

So for now I'm banned from getting a new one, cause apparently "Ich bau alles an" which losely translates to "you loose everything"! Stupid boyfriend, but unfortunately he kinda has a point..

I took these two a month ago when I dyed my hair with the "Perfect Mousse Permanent Colour" by Schwarzkopf. A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift and I had high hopes..

Let's see what's in there:

Pretty usual, except for the pump.

It claims to be as easy as using a shampoo and getting the same results one would get with a normal coloration.

My opinion:
It really feels like using a shampoo once distributed, but here's the catch: it's extremely difficult to get a precise distribution, cause it's a foam and it's impossible to get all those fine hairs that frame your face.

For the rest: while massaging it into my hair, which really feels like using a nicely foaming shampoo, I thought that, finally, all my hair will be evenly coloured, but after washing it, I saw that this wasn't the case.

Conclusion: I wouldn't purchase it again. I rather have the liquid version and be able to get those fine hairs.

Have you tried it?



Chinda-chan said...

Ich hab die Coloration (die selbe Farbe) leider auch getestet, hat sich sehr schnell ausgewaschen.

Brauch ich defenitiv auch nicht wieder, ich bleib bei normalen Colorationen...

Lilly said...

that's so sad! :( the handling sounds cuite easy but if it doesn't last that's a pitty.

Guinevere said...

Totally, so don't waste your money dear, I'm quite sad too.. Seemed promising

Anonymous said...

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