Sunday, 15 May 2011

My Forever21 Experience

I'm sure every blogger from Vienna already wrote about the new Forever 21 at Mariahilferstraße, but I thought, hey I wanna write about it too!! *gg* And I'm sure its a bit different than the other "reviews".

It's a huuuuuuuuuuuuge store that looks very beautiful and stylish, who would have thought that building has such potential. I especially adore the cash till area:

But for the store and clothes itself.. The size of this store is overwhelming, truly overwhelming and not in a positive way. At least for me..

There is so much, so many clothes, so many accessoires and everything has flower prints on it. It felt like I would get lost in all that space and flowers. I doubt I'll ever be able to get through this store without taking a day off.

In addition, flower prints aren't my thing, but I liked the pink brush they had. I left after 10 minutes without anything. I'll try it again on a morning during the week.

Some cool/weird facts: This store is the first in Europe, we're playing with the big guys now. *gg* Every three weeks they change their whole range to avoid that all people have the same stuff. Seems cool at first, but now I have to go there every three weeks, otherwise, I might miss something cool. I hate that kind of pressure, but a good marketing scheme..

What do you think about the store?



boble said...

I thought I was the only one lol
They have too many clothes but they all look kinda similar too me and the quality is not that great either. And the price difference between pieces is kinda funny.

Guinevere said...

can only agree *gg* it truly is overwhelming and too much