Friday, 13 May 2011

L'Oréal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio in Blondes

I posted this already once, but apparently it vanished.. Thanks Blogger! So here we go again:

Let's do another review. :-)

Today it's gonna be the L'Oréal Glam Bronze Sun Radiance Trio in Blondes:

This was and is my absolute favorite ot the items I got!! Let's take a closer look at this beauty:

This is such an awesome product!! It retails for 20,50€, which isn't cheap, but it's sooo worth the money. Before I go into detail, look at these bursting swatches!!

Each colour and then swirled together:

Such an amazing colour payoff!!! I love it. Since I got it, I used it everytime I did my make up.

It has a smooth texture and as you can see a great colour payoff. You get 11grams of product and only need a tiny amount. In comparison, a MAC MSF has 10gr and a MAC blush only 5gr.

It's so cool, cause you can do your conturing, your blush and if you're not as pale as me your highlight with this one thing or swirl it together and go wild. ;-) Perfect for travelling and you get a mirror and brush as well:

I can reaaaaaaallllyy recommend it!!! I know 20,50€ isn't cheap, but just in comparison - one MAC eyeshadow costs 18€ and this Trio has so many functions. I'm sure it would do a great job as eyeshadow as well. *g*

I hope you liked the review and it was helpful.



CucumPear said...

Ah, I can comment at last (darn Blogger). I'm still not certain about this, it's just so very shimmery. I think if the darkest colour wasn't that dark and orangey-bronze I'd snatch it up.

Guinevere said...

I know it looks quite orange, but it doesn't that much on the skin.
There are testers in store, maybe you could try it on your face, take an alcohol spray with you and spray it over the tester to get rid of the bacteria and go nuts. *gg*

Anonymous said...

I tried this same product for brunettes and I can only say it looks good! I glowed like Jennifer Lopez :D