Saturday, 28 May 2011

Look by Bipa Brushes - Review

 Hey guys,

Sorry that I've been afk for the last couple of days, but university was hell.. 

Remember when I showed you my pretty new brushes by Bipa?? *click me*

I deep cleaned and tested them like there's no tomorrow. After all that I can savely say: These are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely adore them. After washing them, the plastic smell was gone and the colours of the bristles were still bursting with pink goregousness

Those are incredibly soft and glide lovely over the skin. What more is there to say.. Oh, the price is another plus - if I remember correctly:

Kabuki 4,99€
Powder & Blush: 3,99€  

They do have other brushes as well, but nothing extraordinary, which is kinda sad. A lip brush, a lash/brow comb brush, a sponge applictor brush and one that looks like a lip brush but is labelled as eyeshadow brush. See pictures below:

Not a big difference between those two.. If they would have a good eyeshadow and blending brush this range would be perfect.
I'm sure the lip brush and the lash/brow comb brush are great as well, but since I have enough of those, I didn't buy them.

So if you're thinking about buying these, buy them. They are great!!!!!!! 

Austrian girls and boys: already bought some? What do you think?



amusedPolish said...

I bought the eyeshadow brush and think it might does a better job as a concealer brush- haven't tried it yet, just my two cents

Guinevere said...

Nah I prefer 227's for concealing, works way better and looks more natural

JulyPJ said...

how do you like the blush brush? is it dense enough or is it like flimsy and too soft?